Vehicle CCTV

All-In-One MDVR with Built-In Camera(s)


* Embedded compact design, low power, high efficient H.264 compress, high reliability.
* 2CH 1080P HD + 2CH 720P HD + 1CH IPC recording, supports 2TB hard disk & 256GB TF card.
* Optional 3G/4G functions.
* Built-in G-sensor.
* Built-in GPS, WIFI functions.
* Data protection when in sudden power off, optional inside-laid UPS battery.
* Rich external ports, incl. 1x RS232, 1x RS485, 6x alarm in & 2x alarm out ports.
* Auto image switch of car left/right turning, backing change.
* Unique hard disk loading method for great convenience with patent rights.
* Directly mouse controlled menu entering.
* Export of video recordings directly via USB port.
* CMS platform ability for big fleet and user management.
* Simple easy to operate video playback software.


* With industrial design, using high speed processor and embedded system
* Integrated with audio/video, GPS, alarm sensor
* Support 2 channels 1080P camera
* Support 2 SD cards each up to 256GB
* With CMS can remote live view in real time recording


* Industrial-grade and integrated design for reliable working on harsh environment
* H.264 high profile compression
* 360-degree PTZ 20X/30X, 200 preset, auto cruising
* Built-in battery power supply (4-6 hours work) or external power
* Support 1pcs SD card up to 256G for record storage
* 4G/WIFI transmit; multiple grade image quality transmitting option
* GPS/BD/GLONASS global positioning
* Powerful software platform including remote live, playback, broadcast, talk and more

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