Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle Surveillance System

Our MDVR monitoring systems provide the perfect surveillance solution for vehicles and are widely used in buses, commercial vans, taxis, school buses, cars, tanker trucks and other vehicles. Our vehicle cameras transmit video signal through MDVR by video compression and image processing, and store data in SD card/hard disk of MDVR.


* Real-Time fleet status
* Able to provide video records as evidence
* Ensure driver and passenger safety
* Prevent Vehicle theft and vandalism

Vandalism caught on MDVR. Improved monitoring and safety

4 Channel MDVR

4 Channel MDVR can connect up to 4 vehicle cameras. 

* 4 Channel SD HD MDVR
* 4 Channel HD MDVR
* 4 Channel HD Hybrid MDVR

8 Channel MDVR

8 Channel MDVR can connect up to 8 vehicle cameras.

* 8 Channel HD MDVR
* 8 Channel HD Hybrid MDVR

All-In-One MDVR with Built-In Camera(s)

1080P, GPS, 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth


Internal and External AHD 720P Vehicle Cameras

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