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Vehicle CCTV System

Our MDVR monitoring systems provide the perfect surveillance solution for vehicles and are widely used in buses, commercial vans, taxis, school buses, cars, tanker trucks and other vehicles.

Fleet Management and Tracking Platform

With the CMS fleet management and vehicle tracking system, you can manage your fleet more efficiently by having easy access to your fleet information - anytime, anywhere.

Vehicle Integrated Devices

With Smart Operation Vehicle Solutions that are helping transportation operators embrace smart technologies to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance cost and help drivers avoid accidents.

DewTouch Innovations

i Vision partnering with DewTouch Innovations to introduce Fleetnetics, a web-based solution that provides automation for automotive rental, workshop and spare parts inventory. Mark damages on real time vehicle images with our revolutionary Vehicle Take over feature.

Revosys Pte Ltd

i Vision partnering with Revosys to provide customised and intergrated hardware and software solutions for the mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sectors.


FUNTORO provides not only total solutions for different kinds of vehicles but platform developing tools, which customers can develop their own platform most applicable.

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