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Empowering You in the Age of Smart Nations

The world is increasingly driven by web-based products and solutions. Governments and businesses are embedding advanced sensors into everyday activities to generate analytically-rich data sets, which will subsequently be mined for innovative solutions to deliver more value across all sectors of the economy. This rapid deployment of technology to address social and urban challenges will forever change the way we work and play.

The age of smart nations is upon us. Be empowered with Revosys.

Who We Are

Revosys specialises in customising and integrating both hardware and software solutions for the mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sectors. Leveraging on our expertise across multiple technological platforms, we can assist you in the IoT transformation of your systems to incorporate smart features such as user interaction platforms, data collection, analysis and protection.

As an integrated IT services firm, we also offer a wide range of IT products and services customised to suit your needs. These include services such as IT infrastructural surveying, systems integration and implementation.

Our Commitment

Our ability to provide solutions of the highest quality and reliability is what sets us apart from our competitors. Through the innovative use of state-of-the-art technology, in-depth industrial knowledge and extensive project management experience, we are committed to help you evaluate your enterprise IT requirements, and recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Our Core


Power your enterprise with our proven IT products with customizable and scalable features.

* On-time Mobile Attendance System
* 2-Factor Authentication SMS Gateway
* Smart Vending and Kiosk Software (MDB, Cashless Payment, QR Code)
* OBD2 and GPS Server


Our comprehensive range of IT project management and support services provide you with the peace of mind to plan your next step and build your business.

* Customisation of Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring Systems
* System Integration of Smart Card Solutions (NFC / RFID)
* Mobile Solutions and Development (Xamarin / Android / IOS)
* IOT / M2M Solutions, Implementation and Integration
* IT Consultation, Design and Solutions
* System Integration
* Customised Software Solutions and Development (Microsoft.NET, UWP, Java, Python)


More than just building links, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is literally a science that can make or break the success of a company. We offer you a myriad of strategies and tactics to ensure high visibility of your website and contents across different platforms.

* Google Analytics
* Bing / Yahoo
* Links to social media
* Site Maps


We are proficient in a broad range of operating systems, software and programming languages to meet your enterprise needs.

* Microsoft .NET
* Microsoft UWP
* Java (J2SE / J2EE)
* Python


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* Netsolutions

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