Telematics Solution

FUNTORO Telematics Solution seamlessly integrated with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a smart and comprehensive solution to optimize fleet, driver performance and productivity along with safety. It has greatly revolutionized the way commercial fleet companies run business by real-time fleet management with cloud-based platform.

This solution is designed to minimize vehicle investment risk, improve transport efficiency, reduce transportation and staff costs, enhance driver and vehicle safety, and increase productivity. This results in an overall optimization of the company's fleet management process.


* Optimize fleet efficiency
* Reduce operating costs
* Maximize fuel efficiency
* Enhance driver safety
* Improve driver behaviors
* Lower insurance premiums
* Reduce maintenance cost
* Improve customer satisfaction

Application and Features

Rich Multimedia

Fleet Management
Real-time Vehicle Information
- All vehicles at a glance
- Get safety alerts & details at your fingertips
Maintenance Notification
- Advanced service maintenance management
Fuel Monitoring & Warning
- Give alarm when abnormal fuel consumption
Online Fleet Management
- Control your fleet anytime, anywhere!

Driver Management
Overtime Notice
- Manage driver's hours of service
Real-time Vehicle Information
- Increase vehicle availability & reduce repair costs
Real-time Safety Alerts
- Keep your fleet and driver safe on the road
SOS for Emergency
- Timely service for emergency

Cargo Monitoring System
- We keep your assets safe always

Analysis Report
Fleet Operation Efficiency
- Optimize Your Fleet and Fuel Efficiency
Driver Performance Report

ADAS Integration
- FUNTORO Telematics Solution seamlessly integrated with ADAS
- Boost your fleet and driver performance along with safety

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